Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Have you heard of the new Waterlogue app? It's a picture uploading app that allows you to transform photos from your device into a beautiful water painting within seconds. It's in the same vein as Instagram, wherein you upload one photo at a time and use the different filters to customize it. I downloaded the app tonight and I've already "painted" several of the pictures on my iPhone. I am thinking of actually printing and framing them. How cute would a little collection of these look along a wall?

The app costs $2.99, and while I never pay for apps -I prefer the freebies- I know a good one when I see it, and I definitely feel that this one is worth it!

Some of my "art"...

My dog, Finn

My cat, Kinsey

The Mr.

Check out the Waterlogue app here!

Friday, January 31, 2014


Currently I am…

Sitting… on my favorite chair, with a fluffy green blanket, in my warm, cozy home while the snow falls outside.

Watching… the latest episode of Parenthood. While as of late this show has left me feeling apathetic, these last few episodes have really grabbed at my heart.

Reading…Never Have I Ever by Katie Heaney, and it has been truly enjoyable. I love a good piece of chick-lit every once in a while.

Working… diligently, carefully, with great intentions.

Craving… Starbucks.  All day, every day.

Loving… that we have no plans this weekend, and I WILL clean the house.

Worrying… that no one will read this. That everyone will read this.

Tasting… cranberry wine. Happy weekend to all.

Appreciating… having plans and goals with my husband, and that we talk about both openly and regularly.

Enjoying… Tristan Prettyman’s song, “Come Clean”. It’s fresh, and pleading, and powerful.

Anticipating... the heavy snowfall that is predicted to hit this weekend.

Grateful… that my husband and I are strong enough to shovel the driveway, and energetic enough to enjoy it.

Hearing... my dog snore from a full day of playing. He's most lovely while he sleeps.

Realizing… that my husband will always leave his socks on the family room floor, and that I will always be annoyed at having to pick them up. And when we’re 88 years old, we’ll be doing the same song and dance, but hey, at least we’re consistent.

Dreaming… of all the things I have to say, and hoping I find the words to use.

It’s sometimes necessary for me to make lists like these to stretch my writer’s brain. To feel the keys pound beneath the weight of my fingertips. To remember that part of me that feels as though I was born to string words together. Words that become sentences. Sentences that become stories. Stories that never end, so long as the words keep coming.

What are you up to these days? 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


One speck of glitter is enough to be noticed. 

Picture a small sparkle sitting on the cheek of the person to whom you are speaking. It's all you see. It's where your eyes travel, no matter how hard you try to divert them. One speck can be completely compelling.

So here I am. 

One small speck of glitter in God's giant piece of art. Trying my hardest to sparkle, to matter, to make my mark. Stay tuned for my attempt...